You can find here all the SCTEI policies that govern what we do, and which apply to all students and staff.

If you become an SCTEI student, then all these policies will apply to you, so it’s important that you’re aware of them.

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Academic Policies

SCTEI APL policy further revised jun15

SCTEI Assessment Policy revised Jun 16

SCTEI Extension-Concession policy

SCTEI Failed Assignments and Modules policy

SCTEI guide re student access to Turnitin prior to final submission

SCTEI Research Ethics Policy

SCTEI Project dissertation supervision policy

SCTEI Overlength work policy from Sept15 rev

SCTEI Peer review of teaching revised

SCTEI Plagiarism policy revised June 16

SCTEI policy re Penalties Late Submission FINAL

SCTEI Progress and Attendance Policy

Corporate Life Policies

SCTEI Common Awards Admissions Policy

SCTEI Complaints Policy

SCTEI complaints FORM  (to use with the Complaints Policy)

SCTEI Equal Opportunities Policy Jan 17

SCTEI Harassment and Bullying Policy

SCTEI Moodle Site GDPR privacy and cookie policy

SCTEI Safeguarding policy

SCTEI Social Media Policy

SCTEI Staff Appointment and induction policy revised

SCTEI Staff Development policy revised sep14

SCTEI Student Engagement Policy

SCTEI Student Protection Policy

SCTEI Venues policy

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